Hello, we're the team!

Sophie Mona Pagès
Imane Lakhouil
Samy Zerrouki

We're building a space where you can make friends as your authentic self because what's unique about you makes the world a better place.

Once upon a time...

Tired of the toxic culture nurtured by social media à la Facebook and dating apps à la Tinder, a human named Sophie imagined a space where folks with marginalized identities and/or relationships could be their authentic self, learn from others and cultivate meaningful connections with strangers.

The early days.

She sifted the Internet for the curious out there who would get it and invited them to a mixer with "a curious mind and no expectations". That was July 20, 2018, they were 20 in the basement of a tiny East London bar, a few months later, the community gathered 1,000+ folks, Samy joined the team and... Shit hit the fan aka the pandemic.


Moving everything online, Sophie and Samy researched how to best serve the community and gradually developed this platform available all around the world—thank universe for all the ready-to-use technology out there! Imane joined them to take care of members and support the team efforts to figure out what people want.

The next chapter.

2022 is a pivotal year for LVRSNFRNDS. Inspired by the work done with our amazing community of members, we want to bring something new to the way people connect online, giving you 24/7 access to making friends as your authentic self.

Want to join our community?

We cannot wait to meet you!